Women’s Day or Whatever…

What new happened this woman’s day?

A series of Facebook posts and a few speeches by celebrities,

A tribute to women who have made it big in this so called men’s world.

My mom wishing me women’s day and my girl friends sending some forwarded messages.

Was that new? No, it was the same old story which had been repeated over and over again.

Same trend, same double standard and same blind approach.

As for me, it was like any other day. Same day which began with household chores, progressed with office work and ended with household chores. I drew a women sketch and posted it on Instagram and I liked some posts on Facebook and that was it, not only for me but for a whole majority of us. On second thoughts, I realize that even the sketch I drew didn’t look happy.

What caught my attention this women’s day was a new kind of posts on Facebook which talked about anti-women’s day. They spoke about how we just talk and don’t take any action. This was a new and a refreshing change.

Amidst all this, I felt surrounded by questions. Questions about what did I do to make it any different? Or what is our role in making position of women better?

When we pay a tribute to successful women or when we talk about empowering them, we forget completely about many others.

What about the ones who struggle hard and fail due to lack of resources?

What about the ones who have brilliant minds but don’t get educated because their brother needs to study?

What about the ones who sacrifice their lives as a wife and a mother, while holding same and even better degrees?

Why is a woman always being asked a question about leaving job?

Why is a woman held responsible for not having a baby?

Why is a woman been asked to carry a baby boy, when it is responsibility of a sperm?

Why a woman has to succeed in all relations of life while a guy is a free spirit?

Why is she asked the question about marriage and baby planning when applying for a job in whatever field?

Some of these things might be changing but lot of these and many other questions still remain unanswered. And till the time we don’t have the answers to these questions, concept of Women’s Day remains a myth.

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