Morning tea time, what is special?

Every morning, I have this habit of searching for my phone when the alarm buzzes and switching the alarm off. My eyes are semi-closed as I decide on which button to click, do I have the liberty to sleep for five more minutes (which of course don’t end in 5 minutes) and press Snooze or I am on the hard cutoff point and need to click on the Stop button.

While I am making this big day-changing-decision, I get a tiny glimpse of what my morning tea time would be like. No, it has nothing to do with which button I press and eveything to do with the notifications I see on my mobile Home screen. They serve as a perfect companion for my morning tea and I try to avoid any accidental encounter with them before my tea is ready.

Yes, you are right. I am talking about the something more than our favorite cookies.

I am talking about, what makes our tea time extra-special?

News is the best and the healthiest option I agree. It is like the low calorie Marie biscuits which are good for our health but at the same time difficult to incorporate in our diet. I tried reading news as part of the morning routine but more than often, I would end up reading Health and Lifestyle sections instead, and at times even cartooons. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

Slowly, I shifted to the idea of reading novels. This happened because my night time reading routine wasn’t working. Many nights, I would be too tired and would sleep off reading books or my thoughts would drift off to my own story land. I thought of giving mornings a try. It worked like a charm, but with a severe downside. It would become hard to stop myself from going any further. One page would become one chapter and then one more page, and before I would know, my tea mug would be long from finished and I would be late for work. So, however I loved it, I had to give it up.

Soon enough, Candy Crush took its place and remained my companion for a really long time. I would play and re-play like a maniac until my LIVES got over. This was the toughest one to get rid of. It would make me feel incomplete when stages would get locked and I would ask friends to give me lives. Not getting into buying Life Packs was another challenge. Until one day, I uninstalled it and promised myself to pick it up when I retire.

And then came the time of social media notifications.

I see it as the present and the future, full of endless surprises. I would unlock my mobile like a magic box. There would be so many different items to choose from, Whatsapp notifications, Facebook alerts, Meidum digest, Quora posts, Instagram photos and  of course Twitter. A complete masala guide perfectly seasoned for my morning tea. I wish it keeps adding more flavors as days pass by, making my morning tea time magical.

Whats your story? What is your perfect tea partner or are you a coffee person? Don’t forget to tell us your tea/coffee time friend below. 🙂

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