Life happens…

It was her daily routine. Getting ready in the morning and heading to the artificial limb center on her wheel chair.

It was not her. She was a completely independent woman who loved doing everything on her own. Be it cooking, laundry or grocery. She was a trained dancer and her shows were held around the world. Until one day, her world flipped and she got into an accident. She lost both her legs in this accident and since then, her world was watching television and visiting limb center.

She stood strong in this situation too and felt thankful to advanced technology which would make her walk and stand on her legs again. As for dancing, she had no clue.

She would wake up with a smile and a hope every morning. Her artificial leg was ready but every day it would pose new issues for her- some day it would be too tight that she would get blisters and some day it would get so lose that it would be ready to fall off right during the practice session. Each day her dream of walking again would remain unfulfilled and she would return back on her wheel chair- relying on her maid even for smallest of needs.


As she sat on the chair and put on her artificial limb, she prayed to God that it would fit her well today. It did indeed. She could walk now. Still, she could feel the pain but the happiness of standing on her feet took over it.


Today was her dance show, after a whole year. She was tensed and could feel her palms sweating. The curtains went off and she danced to the tunes of classical music. Every move was flawless, every move was divine. As she finished her performance, audience stood up and there was a huge applaud.

With the applaud, she could see herself walking towards the destination. Long held tears finally broke open and she broke into tears.

An accident couldn’t make her cry, all the problems could not melt her down but today, she was in tears.

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