How my husband learned to cook- II

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In continuation with my last article “How my husband learnt to cook” where I highlighted my husband’s naive cooking skills, this article is about the journey he underwent and where he is now- of course in the area of cooking. 🙂

It was the month of May, a perfect vacation time in India but for me, it had come with the torture of office staggered shift instead. I would leave home in the scorching afternoon heat and be back by midnight. For a person who is normally dead asleep by midnight, believe me it is a big deal. Also, along with it came the pleasure of eating dinner from the office cafeteria, which felt delightful at first but soon enough, I was out of options and my taste buds were craving for home cooked meal once again.

My husband was totally aware of this hunger situation (apparent both in my behavior and words) , so one Friday night he pinged me and suggested an idea of going on a long drive and have dinner or midnight dinner. He would pick me up from the office when my shift got over and we would have a yummy, hot meal.

Idea was tempting and I instantly agreed, but my stomach didn’t. The thoughts of yummy food itself started giving me feel hunger spasms.

Somehow, the time passed and he was there to free me from the clutches of office. But before I could express my excitement, he suppressed it with his words, “I have ordered food at home. That restaurant was going to be closing soon.”

Ok, so yummy and sizzling restaurant food was out of question now and instead, takeaway was waiting at home. It did hurt my empty stomach for an instant but the thought of having food soon brought the comfort back to me.

Finally, we reached home and as I unlocked the door, there was a definite aroma of Chinese food filling the home. My first thought was it being the smell of take away food but that wasn’t possible. And as I entered the kitchen to verify my interpretation, it was all sparkling clean and there were two bowls neatly placed on the kitchen counter.

Opening the lids, I was surprised. Well, a lot more than surprised. There was vegetable friend rice and manchurian inside the bowls and it was definitely not take away food. It was sizzling hot and looked so yummy.

I couldn’t believe the sight which lay in front of my eyes, and hence started the series of questions.

‘Did you cook it?’

‘From where did you get the recipe?’

‘You might have got the packed recipe mixes?’

‘You might have got the pre-cut vegetables?’

Each question stressed on my disbelief and with each answer, it became more and more hard to believe.

He had prepared the meal from the scratch, referencing the recipe online.

As I took the first bite from the bowl itself, I couldn’t believe both my eyes and the taste buds.

The veggies were perfectly diced, pieces of equal size. The flavors and spices were in perfect proportion, and meal was perfectly cooked.

I really couldn’t believe that this meal was prepared by my husband who was trying his hand in cooking for the very first time.

Looking at my reactions and tasting the food himself, he instantly turned from a ‘naive cook’ to a ‘proud chef’. The name of the recipes changed to the sophisticated ‘burnt garlic fried rice’ and ‘vegetable balls in hot garlic sauce’ now. He couldn’t stop from praising himself and his culinary skills.

There was no stop to his bragging until the whole mess got revealed from behind the kitchen cabinets. There were messy dishes, overflowing garbage and a lot of stains.

Guess I couldn’t complain, it was all worth it. 🙂

The delightful evening of He promised that he would cook on special occasions, and I get the taste of his “exotic” dishes time and again, on special occasions and when my stars are shining bright.

So this was the tale of how my husband learnt cooking. Hope you liked it, the way I liked his food.

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