How my husband learned to cook


When I first met my husband and we were in the magical phase of courtship, we would chat for hours on the phone. There was so much to know about each other, so much to understand, so much to discover.

Amidst many different things, one thing which struck me was that he made amazing pasta. He had admitted that he didn’t know much about cooking but he definitely made yummy pasta. Well for me, that was good enough. For a person who knew how to make pasta, he could easily make his way into the different cuisines. He could easily learn and adapt. Moreover, I couldn’t wait to taste his yummy pasta. It was one dish which I hadn’t tried so far, and that too when I loved cooking.

Months later, we were married and as more months passed, I was done with my excitement of cooking. It was then I remembered the ‘pasta fact’ and asked my husband, “When are you going to prepare it? It is long due now.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t resist and agreed instantly. Curious, I asked him for the list of ingredients and whole secret was out in a second. His list consisted of total 3 ingredients- pasta, cheese and pasta sauce- that was all. 

I couldn’t resist the urge of asking him the recipe and the next moment, I couldn’t control my laughter.

His recipe consisted of boiling pasta, adding pasta sauce and then garnishing it with pre-grated cheese. I couldn’t help but smile as he went on and on about the importance of boiling pasta just the right amount-it shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be overcooked too.

Well, I never got to taste his pasta recipe because for me, pasta belonged to a completely different world. It was lot more than boiling pasta the right amount. It had lots of gourmet vegetables, it had the taste and freshness of home-prepared ingredients and also the garnishing and aroma of the Italian spices.

With this pasta revelation, other secret which came to the forefront was that my husband was quite naive in the matters of cooking. Gradually, he progressed. He learnt. He experimented and now, he even advocates and teaches me.

That is the topic of my next post which am sure you are going to love. Because for a person who doesn’t know cooking, a cup of tea in itself can be a challenge. 🙂

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