About Me

Do love stories make you go feel weak in the knees?
Do stories about life experiences make you hold your coffee?
Does a different take on life humdrum interest you?
Or are you looking to see the life from a different perspective, different set of eyes.
You are at the right place.

This is the home for heart-felt stories and articles, inspired from real life. As we mature and grow, our story canvas also gets bigger. Here is an attempt to portray this canvas with bright colors of emotions and thoughts, for you.

Something about me?

I am an aspiring writer trying to explore the creative world with my words. I am an I.T. professional with a passion for weaving words into stories. I like reading novels, sketching and painting. I love travelling to new places and that is what forms the foundation of my stories. I like trying my hand at cooking, sometimes it’s tempting and sometimes it hits the dustbin.

How I like it?

I like it simple and real, something straight from the heart and right into my stories.

Where can you reach me?

Want to say a ‘Hello’ or want to suggest any ideas, I would love to hear from you.

You can drop a message here and I shall reply back with a Hello soon. 🙂

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Looking forward to a Hello soon. 🙂