A simple question of Love.

They were watching “A Walk to Remember” all over again and she was holding onto her box of tissues tightly while resting her head on his arm. He was busy nibbling popcorn, offering her in between. It was hard for him to understand what she liked so much in this movie.


As movie ended and they got up, she posed a question to him innocently,

If tomorrow one of us had to die and we had a choice, what would you do? Will you save me or save yourself?

She was clueless as to how he will answer this question, may be he will make a joke out of it. But instead, he answered with a serious look, “I would save myself.”

She was shocked. Be it hypothetical situation but his words hurt her.

He continued further,

I would want you to die before I die because I don’t want to leave you alone in this world. I want to take care of you till the last moment. I want to make you smile every single day and I can’t imagine you suffering in this world alone.

She was touched and hugged him tightly.

“And there is one more reason which I forgot to mention. World is not ready for a psycho like you, so how can I leave you uncontrolled?” Both burst into laughter as she punched him lightly.

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